"I am sending another huge thank you to Dr George Thom for keeping me fantastically well yet consciously sedated today during the extensive dental implant surgery, and also thanks to the calming chat before.
I am so very very grateful for his skill and for having been in such safe hands today as there was much trauma linked to the site of the procedure.
I am grateful for the kindness and am amazed how well I am feeling just a few hours after the surgery compared to general aneasthetics and all precious experiences of this. Wishing the team all the very best onwards always"

"Just a special note of thanks to Dr George Thom for his service this morning with my procedure with Dr Gluckman. that he has exceptional expertise and skills in his field is unquestionable.
What was more impressive for me personally was his incredible manner in dealing with his patient. His “bedside manner” pre procedure was filled with genuine compassionate and care.
He allayed all those “fears” that well up and put me at ease.
Whatever he did worked like a bomb, as the procedure ended up being more of a non-event than I had anticipated.
Post procedure he was equally caring and attentive.
Please convey my deepest gratitude to him."

I just want to add, dealing with you today has been nothing less that amazing. Your professionalism, kindness and patience during the constant email problems I have had today, is really nothing less than amazing and a breath fresh air. Thank you so much for your kindness throughtout the day. Because of people like you, there is love in this world. Thank you very much.
Hi Mariam, Can you please tell Dr Thom Thank you so much for Monday he is such a wonderful Dr and the patient care was absolutely wonderful. I haven't encountered such an amazing Dr in quite some time. I had to send him a personal thank you. Afiyah
Good day

I trust that you are well.

Dr Cloete and Dr Thom, I would hereby like to take the opportunity to thank you both for the marvelous job you did with Gabriella during her dentist appointment on 25 November 2020.

We were both so nervous about the procedure, and I was thinking about a million things that could go wrong. But thanks to you, everything went well. And the wonderful thing about it all is that it was not a dreadful experience for Gabriella. To be honest, I think she enjoyed the whole experience, because she is telling everyone who wants to listen, about her "adventure".

It all comes down to the manner in which she was treated, and for that I must thank you. The way in which Dr Thom explained everything to us, also took most of her fears away. She enjoyed the whole experience so much that I had to go search on Takealot afterwards, for a "Where is Wally" book :)

So thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, this would not have been possible without you.

Wishing you all the best.


Good afternoon. Please would you thank Dr Thom for everything he did for me today. I am back home, feeling absolutely 100%, no nausea or disorientation whatsoever. He was very patient and kind. I appreciate his kindness.


Jane Titley.
Dear Dr Rahbeeni & Dr Peck, Last year I arrived at your practice with very little hope of having my smile and confidence restored. After having some work done by various other dentists and orthodontists over the years and reaching a point in my life where I had pretty much enough of wanting to do any major dental work, you offered me a lifeline. Already I felt confident at my initial consultation as you both addressed my dental issues and developed a plan that could be addressed immediately and I left your practice very excited and extremely happy to have met you both. You and your entire team, including the sedation Dr Tom, were kind, considerate and sympathetic. My recovery has been smooth and without any issues. I would highly recommend you both to all my friends and family! Thank you for my beautiful teeth and without any hesitation I can do a natural big SMILE again!
All the best and see you soon for my next follow up dental appointment.

Berenice Fillmore